Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ

Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ

About Marissa Corbett

Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ is a dog training expert who is extremely passionate about helping dogs work on improving behaviors while building solid relationships with their owners. Marissa first began learning about the field while she and her dog were enrolled in a dog training program. Upon graduation, Marissa Corbett studied under experienced dog trainers and was able to foster a further understanding of the field, best practices, the diverse behavioral and health needs of our pets, and insights on how pet owners can best reinforce positive behaviors in their everyday lives.

Marissa would later take what she had learned throughout her experience in the dog training field to kickstart Above and Beyond Training, a dog training program that includes a wide range of services and training methods such as personal evaluations for understanding dogs’ behaviors and owners’ specific training needs, customized training plans tailored to key goals, curricula based on current tools and techniques, group classes, boarding programs, and puppy basics. Marissa upholds that her goal when founding Above and Beyond Dog Training was to help dog owners improve upon their relationships with their pets while contributing to both safety and security for all involved.

Marissa has built a reputation within the industry for her innovative approach to training that prioritizes the needs of dogs and their families alike. Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ is a mother of four who owns multiple dogs which has made her intimately aware of how important it is that dogs are well-behaved and the difficulties that can arise if they are not properly trained. To this end, she uses this knowledge as motivation for helping dogs rectify problem behaviors while reinforcing effective techniques for their owners. is Your Resource for Dog Training Insights

Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ was created with the goal of sharing a variety of dog training resources inspired by the insights and experiences of Marissa Corbett. Marissa mentions that many dog owners are realizing just how important it is that their pets behave in ways that are both safe and appropriate. Comprehensive dog training through trusted providers plays a vital role in helping us better understand our dogs’ behaviors, how they can be molded to it our home lives, and the many ways that we can reinforce more positive behaviors day by day.

Have you ever wanted to learn more about dog training techniques, best practices, news, and more? This site has you covered.

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Dog Training

The main goal of this site is to include dog training resources ideal for helping dog owners make more informed decisions within the space. While dog training can seem difficult to some, there are many tried and true techniques that are available to us that break down how to build strong relationships with our pets, discourage negative behaviors, and reinforce more positive ones. What you will find is that effective dog training improves safety and security for our dogs and families while helping all involved better enjoy their time together. Expect that dog training content will address concepts such as tips for getting started, common dog training mistakes and how to avoid them, and steps for finding a trusted dog training company in your area.

Dog Behavior/Psychology

One of the biggest challenges for dog owners who want to train their pets is understanding the intricacies of dog behavior and psychology. Having a better grasp of the how’s and why’s of dog behavior is crucial for proper training as well as establishing positive relationships that will last a lifetime. Dog behavior and psychology resources included on this site will, therefore, aim to help dog owners better consider the needs of their pets and how their psychology plays into training, care, and more. If you have ever wondered about the meaning of our dogs’ actions and behaviors, you have come to the right place!

Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ

Professional Insights

Through attending multiple dog training institutions and founding a company of her own, Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ has accumulated professional insights in the field that can be valuable to new and experienced trainers alike. Marissa realizes that it is important to contribute to conversations that help others grow their understanding of maintaining positive client relationships, upholding the needs of pets and their owners, assessing their programs and services, etc. This is why will include content geared towards assisting dog training professionals as they develop crucial skills and seek to have a positive impact on their communities.

Industry News

Marissa prides herself on keeping up with the latest trends, techniques, tips, and tricks of the dog training industry because it empowers her to better provide services in line with the diverse needs of dogs and their owners. For this reason, readers can expect that this site will include information on a wide range of developments within the dog training sector and how these changes may impact trainers, dogs, and their owners moving forward. For the latest on innovative training techniques, advanced technologies assisting with processes, interesting news from thought leaders, and more, feel free to check out future content!

Future posts from Marissa Corbett

Dog training, learning more about dog psychology and behaviors, etc. can be daunting for those who do not have formal experience in the field, but don’t worry! Tune in frequently for more content based on Marissa Corbett of Shamong, NJ’s insights and you will be well on your way towards a strong relationship you’re your well-trained, happy, pet.